Cleaning Crew


Don’t mind us, we’re just here to clean up a bit. Mostly we’re getting the dust off of everything around here. Nobody’s been here for almost 3 years, so this place needs a major dusting.

Do you know where the janitor’s closet is? Wait, don’t worry about it, we’ll find it.

Eew, gross! Something leaked over here, it’s all sticky.

Wait a minute, who are you and why are you here? This place is abandoned. Can I see some ID, please?

I guess you’re right… custodians have no authority here. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to find the bleach.

Oh look what was left over here! A line of squares. Huh. Weird:

A line of squares

I wonder what anybody would ever need something like that for.. Aww whatever, let’s just keep cleaning up.

Wow the floors in here are pretty bad. Is this JELLY? JELLY on the floor? Damn, what the heck’s been going on in here?

OK we’re going to have to mop in here, let’s get all this stuff off the floor.

Huh. Another string of squares, check it out:


Hmm, how did they even do that?! That’s pretty cool right there! OK keep cleaning, move all that stuff, we’ve gotta mop. Hmm I wonder what else those squares turned into.. Oh here’s a couple more!


Woah that one’s a bit out of control. How the hell is that done, though? Oh here’s the other one:

Squareline Spin

Wow, a line of red squares can turn into THAT?! I wonder why this place is abandoned, there are some pretty neat things here. This is kind of sad.

EEK! OMG that scared the shit out of me, it’s not real though. It’s just art. I thought there was a real DuckSnake in here, but it’s just an art. lol PHEW, check it out:


It’s a DuckSnake. Super realistic, isn’t it? I thought that was real for a second.

Man I can’t get over that, it’s like a freakin photograph, wow!

Flombee, have you finished Mopping? Krombuh, you done dusting? Quamblo, everything’s back where it was, right?

Put these back where they were, Quamblo:


Ooo I bet that one started with a line of triangles!

OK folks, we’re wrapping it up, right? Grab those trash bags and let’s get on outta here.

And you. I’m still not sure what you’re doing here, but you’ve taken terrible care of this place, it was a total mess. If you’re going to be here, please clean up a bit, eh?

JELLY on the floor? Come on, get it together!

OK Crew we’re outta here, I’ll go start the train.

A Post About New Art


Below is a link to the “Newest Additions” in the gallery. Thank you for your attention and have a great da- hey, stop it, get off me!

This is our friend, Moe_Ron.

A loud metallic squink is heard.’s “friend,” Moe_Ron are seen standing over the guy who was writing this post. Who’s writing THIS part, then? I don’t know, lady, quit asking so many questions!

Moe: Ron, go easy on him, he just works here!

Ron: He’s dead, Moe. I did what I had to do.

Moe: Geeze, Ron, you didn’t have to kill the poor guy. We just wanted to break in here and liven the place up a bit. Why is this place so dead? There were no posts in over 6 months and then the comeback post is just so dang BORING! What do you think happened?

Ron: I’ve been telling you this for a long time, Moe: This place sucks. It’s only a matter of time before it just kind of burns out, just like the artist. We broke in here to help, but I’m not sure that’s possible. Hand me that notepad on the desk.

Moe: Did you see the new art? There’s some fresh, wonderful stuff, Ron! Look:

Field of Things

Ron: Jeee-SSUSSS CHRIST, Moe! Where’s our backpack with the drugs? It’s time to get TANGLED and TRIP THE FUGGOUT!

Moe: Ron, you don’t need drugs to appreciate cool artwork. This is beautiful on its own. No reason to get tangled.

Ron: Man I keep forgetting this guy makes such cool shit! I wonder how he does it. Do you think he uses a paintbrush? This one’s probably ballpoint pen! Maybe it’s chalk?

Moe: I think it’s digital art, Ron.

Ron: Oh, like MS Paint? What a fucking NERD, am I right?!

Moe: Look at this one:


Ron: That makes me feel nice. Why do I keep forgetting that there’s such awesome artwork here?

Moe: Because you tend to be very negative about things in general. You’re the mean one. It’s kind of your thing. You act all pissed off and then eventually you come around.

Ron: I don’t have a “thing,” Moe.

Moe: What about that thing on your armpit? The green thing?

Ron: God dammit, Moe!


Moe: There’s so much art here!


Ron: Yeah it’s pretty rad, I won’t lie.

Moe: Do you usually lie, Ron? What are you hiding?

Ron: Moe, don’t start. Oh hey, look at this one!


Moe: Neat!

Ron: OK so how do we spice this post up? That was our goal, remember?

Moe: I think we might have done that already. We’re probably good, Ron.

Ron: Fuck that, let’s spray paint all over the walls and break some windows and stuff! IT’S A RIOT, BITCH!!

Moe: Calm down, Ron. Our work here is done. There’s already a dead guy on the floor. I think that’s probably good enough.

Ron: Oh yeah. I killed somebody, lol. Let’s get outta here.

Moe_Ron leaves, apparently having committed murder and accomplished a goal of some sort. A mysterious pair of hands finishes the post, hinting at everybody to keep seeking out and enjoying art and to always start finishing.

Keep Groovin,’ too, Foolio.

Shortest Post Ever


An update to the “theme” of this website required me to whip up some large images to be “headers.”

Coming to will now randomly display one of 10 images:










So.. Those are the new headers. Thanks for quickly scrolling through them.

You’d better get used to them, because you come to this website all the time.

OK. See ya. Have a nice roast!


Look at the Pretty Shapes and Colors


Ooo, look!

Hey, how’d you get in here?! I thought I locked the door. What do you want? Oh god please don’t kill me!


You’re here to look at art and read? Sorry about that.. I’m a little jumpy. I had a sip of coffee yesterday. Below you’ll see a link to the newest additions.


Above you saw a link to the newest additions gallery. I don’t show that to just anybody, you know. We’ve got a connection of some sort, I can tell. Probably an internet connection. That’s right. I said it.


So… Did you check them out? They are made of pretty shapes and colors, as most visual art is.

Spend some time appreciating the art. It’s good for you. There are people in your life who look at and enjoy art. They are winning. Don’t let them win. Use my website to get back at them and view more art. There are now almost 400 items in the gallery.

Psychedelic Spore, 2003

Some of them are new. Some of them are over 10 years old, like the one up or to the right depending on what you’re doing. The style has both changed and stayed the same. Holy shit that’s the most “artist” CRAP I’ve ever said. I’m learning it!

One thing I’m struggling with recently is trying to come up with shit to say about my art. I’m going to be selling it soon and in order to do that, I’ve gotta have SOMETHING to say about each thing. I know, I know, “hey let the art speak for itself.” But if somebody asks “So what does this mean?” I can’t just say “It speaks for itself, ya dummy!”

So I’m trying to figure out how to have at least a few words about each thing. Lemmie practice on you with this one down here on the left (If you’re on mobile, it’s down below. Don’t drop your phone!):

The Point, 2002

“Ahh, yes, ‘The Point.’ I’m glad you asked. You see, I made this one back in 2002 and I have no clue what it means but look at the pretty shapes and colors. I like it, and you should, too.”

See, I’m getting really good at this! I’ll be perfecting artist-speak in no time! Let’s try another one:

Stick Chain

“Ahh, yes, ‘Stick Chain.’ I’m glad you asked. You see, I made this one about two weeks ago and I have no clue what it means but look at the pretty shapes and colors. I like it, and you should as well.”

See how I changed it up there with the “as well” instead of “too” at the end? You’ve got to do that to prevent sounding repetitive. Thanks for doing a couple “drills” with me. I could tell this would be good. From the moment I thought you were trying to kill me earlier, I knew you were going to be helpful.

So hey, don’t forget to look at the new stuff (The second “f” in the word “stuff” can’t be trusted with a link. You’d understand if you knew that f) if you didn’t already. There will always be more on the way, so check back in at least every year or two. You won’t regret it. If you do somehow regret it, let me know, and I’ll give you a free explanation of one of my artworks.

In the meantime, don’t forget to clip your teeth and brush your nose, kids!


Circangle. Click it for a larger version.
Circangle. Click it for a larger version.

Top and Bottom. Click it for a larger version. If you're into that kind of thing.
Top and Bottom. Click it for a larger version. If you’re into that kind of thing.

BREAKING NEWS: There is Nothing to Announce


Welp. There’s no new art.

What, then, are we going to do with this post? What’s the point if there’s nothing to show you?

Well, I was hoping we could just hang out, you know? No real plans, just chill. Bring a book to this post, snuggle up, and read while you read, dawg. We don’t need a reason to get you over here, do we? This feels like friendship.

Settle in, friend. Spend some time here at Look around. Check out the gallery. Read these words. Read some of the words above these. Read some of the words down below. You don’t even have to do it in order if you don’t want to. No pressure. I won’t judge if you want to just read random words from each sentence. Backwards. Do what you want.

Fuck it, man. There are no rules. We could even end this sentence with a comma,

Fuck it, man? I’m going to end sentences with question marks from now on? That changes the way you read it? I don’t even care?

How have you been recently?

Oh shit, really? I’m sorry to hear that. Well, Dog works in mysterious ways, so don’t lose fate. I mean farts.

I’m felling stronge write know. Does I looks okay!? WHOLEY SCHIT EIM HAVING AE FUCKEENG – ***ACHOOO!*** damn, excuse me. I’m still getting over this virus. I went to a festival, treated my body like a rental, and came home a little sick.

Oh wait, there IS some art. There are a couple new animations, actually! Here, point your viewerballs at this:


While making that one, this other one kinda just came together. Aim them peeperballs at this bad boy:

That’s Matt Carp Enter Art

So yeah it turns out we did have SOME stuff to show. That’s about it, though. Oh, this one as well.. Use your headballs to zero in on this:


Anyway, you were saying things are going great and are expected to get even better? Nnnnnice! I’m proud of you. You’re doing a really good job, as far as I know. I can only go by what you tell me.

Are you really being honest with me? Things are going that well? Oh. I see.. You just said that because you don’t want to talk about what’s going on.

That’s fine. We won’t talk about it. It’s not like I would understand, I mean my head fell off last week but whatever, I could never understand loss or pain or struggle or anger or confusion or even hangnails, I get it. I get it: you think I don’t get it.

You know what? I think maybe it’s time you write.

I mean, maybe it’s time you left.

I just wanted to have a nice time with a friend and now you’re over there lying to me and judging me, thinking I couldn’t ever understand you. This is upsetting, and I think you should branch.

I mean, I think you should leaf.

There’s the window. See yourself out, please.

Oh, you’re too good for windows? Fine, I’ll take you up to the door on the roof.

Oh, you can’t fly? Well shit, no wonder you’re so irritable. Here.. there’s the door to the shredded floor. The door to the GROUND floor, I mean. Ground, not shredded.

Hey though are you sure you don’t want to stay? There are more words down there if you’d li– ok that’s fine. Here, don’t forget your jacket, and take these warm biscuits if you want. You remember where you parked? Probably on Facebook.

OK, bye, thanks for stopping by! Let’s maybe do this again soon, orr.. uhh no? Yeah? no? no. OK well we’ll talk later I’m sure. Byee!

Boy am I glad that person’s gone. I think that fucker stole my biscuits, can you believe that shit? What a relief they’re finally gone, though, so now we can hang out real intimate-like. Wait, who the fuck are you?

Data Leak Investigation Leads to Disturbing Discoveries

-CARPENTER PARTY BUNKER B (aka “Rubber Baby Party Bunker”)

Hey, is that you? Let me get my glasses on.. oh, it IS you! Hi! I hope you’re ready to read. You look ready ūüôā

Let’s get right to it, because this is a whole stupid thing:

We’ve got a special guest today! Our friend Moe_Ron is going to read some new developments about the recent data leak/drizzle that revealed many shocking new artworks from Matt Carpenter’s main secure data center. The data drizzle appeared in Morse code on a Sizzler restroom wall. The code was decoded using a bunch of high-tech nonsense and was used to re-create Carpenter’s unreleased artwork  without his permission.

So here with the update is Moe_Ron.

Moe_Ron, what have you got for us today?


Moe: Hi!

Ron: Bahh, can we leave yet?

Moe: Cheer up, Ron! I’m always so excited when we get to contribute here. It’s really an honor. I was horrified when I read about the recent data breach, and I’m glad to see that is doing great and has handled it with total class. We’re here today to share a couple things about the investigation.

Ron: What a clusterfuck. Carpenter doesn’t know what he’s doing. This shouldn’t have happened to begin with. I know he’s sensitive about his artwork getting released early, so this premature artjackulation is a disaster.

This is our friend, Moe_Ron.
This is our friend, Moe_Ron.

Moe: Good one, Ron! High-five!

Ron: And then rushes to put out all the artwork on purpose “because it was out there anyway.” I mean, really, why would you just put it all out there in the spotlight? They should have suppressed it. Idiots and assholes and chumps!

Moe: Oh my, Ron.. You can’t really suppress things on the internet. That never goes well. I think they made the right move, and the art is great!

Ron: The art is CRAP, Moe! CRAP! There’s a reason he hadn’t released it yet. What a bunch of pseudo-conceptual eyesore CRAP! And of COURSE you can suppress things on the internet. Have you seen those images of your mom at the park dressed like a tiger eating cat food from an inflatable pool?

Moe: What? No! No way! What are you talking about, Ron?!

Ron: Exactly. You haven’t. That’s because I know how to suppress information on the internet. Those pictures are MINE and MINE only.

Moe: What?!

Ron: Annnnyyyyway, we have some information on the clusterfuck to share today, don’t we? What are we, news anchors now? Are they paying us yet?

Moe: It’s not a clusterfuck. It’s an unfortunate incident. And yes, we have some information about the investigation. I kind of like acting like a news anchor, Ron. This is super fun. We could pretend we don’t have pants on under the desk, hahaa! How naughty!

From the "Pixx" series, recently drizzled
From the “Pixx” series, recently drizzled

Ron: Now we’re gettin’ somewhere, Moe! Let’s fuck!

Moe: Calm down there, cowboy. I’ll start with the news. They gave us this script to read….

Ron: K, but we’re gunna fuck later, buster.

Moe:*ahem* New developments have expanded the scope of the investigation into the recent data drizzle of Matt Carpenter’s art beyond just Carpenter.

Ron: *ahem* That’s right, Moe. Reports from the FBI have surfaced that reveal similar data drizzles targeting multiple artists on a global scale. The FBI shared some information on the recently-discovered “BONE JAWZ,” an international group of anarchists who have been taking whatever measures they deem necessary to get artists’ unreleased artwork translated to Morse-code and scrawled onto public restrooms around the planet.

Moe: EEEEKK! Great job, Ron! You’re so good at this, oh my god this is gr-*ahem* That’s right. Matt Carpenter was not the only victim of this type of brutal attack. Up-and-coming artists (particularly those who often deal with triangles) from across the globe have been discovering this terrible truth: Their hard work is being displayed in Morse-code for free without their consent on restrooms everywhere.

Ron: Your child’s precious fingerpainting could be the next target.

Moe: Investigators have determined that one of the leaders of the BONE JAWZ may be Saucy Lee, the developer of the “I, Saucy Lee” triangle, who was very briefly discussed in a previous article in June of 2014 here on Saucy Lee has been in hiding for decades and was not known to be recently connected to any large groups until now.

Saucy Lee, with his famous mask

Ron: It was explained here on in the 2014 article that Saucy Lee is often the target of attempted assassinations by the Right Triangles, a dangerous cult-like group that insists “If you’re not Right, you’re Rong!” The FBI is looking into’s previous article mentioning Saucy Lee as a motive for the viscous data drizzle.

Moe: Saucy Lee has many enemies across the planet and has been mentioned by many triangle-enthusiasts in blogs, articles, tweets, and brief conversations with baristas. The FBI would not share any information linking him to BONE JAWZ but assured the public that he was involved. Any triangle-enthusiasts with unreleased artwork are encouraged to secure their data as best they can. Use lots of duct tape. Hopefully we’ll have more information to report in the future, but for now.. Beware: the BONE JAWZ are out there. Saucy Lee is watching. Stay classy, San Diego.

Ron: That’s the end of the script, oh thank GOD! That was sooooooooo stupid, Moe. If we don’t finally get paid for this, I’m not sure I’m going to participate anymore. Uhhgg this is embarrassing, honestly.

Moe: We did it!! Ronnie that was amazing you did such a great job we’re the best news team everrr!

Ron: Yeah well the REAL story here is that there’s no new art to present right now because it was all already stolen. There’s no reason for this post. People come here to look at art, Moe, DON’T YOU GET IT?!

Moe: Did you see this?


Ron: lol, no I didn’t! This is the best thing I’ve seen on here EVER. This is funny! You see? All that other stuff is all weird and conceptual and so full of itself. NOW we’re gettin’ somewhere, Moe! Let’s fuck!

Moe: OK. ::zzzzip::

Ron: Uhh, this is Moe_Ron signing off. C’mere, you little vixen!

Moe: Eeekk teehee!


OK thank you, Moe_Ron. A true delight, as always.

In other news:

Moe’s mom dancing in the park with her friends

Stay assy, friends.

Data Leak Exposes New Artwork From Matt Carpenter


A massive data leak (kind of a data drizzle) has revealed at least 20 new images from Matt Carpenter.

The first image to drizzle out looked roughly precisely like this:

Illegally-obtained artwork entitled TriFull
Illegally-obtained artwork entitled TriFull

Analysts have been unable to determine how this data leak occurred. We do know that the data appeared in Morse code on the wall in a Sizzler restroom and was eventually translated back to images using a bunch of high-tech computer bullshit.

The now-famous Sizzler restroom inside of which the data drizzle was discovered
The now-famous Sizzler restroom inside of which the data drizzle was discovered

Initial reactions to the new imagery have been mixed, like a frozen microwave meal halfway through the cooking process (replace film cover and cook for an additional 3 minutes).

The manager of the Sizzler was very proud of their bathroom, and really enjoyed the artwork that came out of it. “I’ve always known that our little restroom would grow up to do great things,” Blake Sizzle, Sizzler manager said. “This is an historic moment. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta take a shit.”

Wolf Blitzer was unavailable for Sizzler Drizzle comment.

Matt Carpenter was available for comment, but we didn’t want to bother him.

The artwork has now appeared in the “Newest Additions” section of the gallery. An “Experiments” subsection has been added to the New Additions as well, for more experimental works. The experiments don’t appear to be completed but they are interesting and share-worthy, so they’ve been uploaded.

"Twinz," a new creation
“Twinz,” a new creation


The Morse code on the bathroom wall was carefully inspected by experts, who discovered a couple of interesting things.

The sharpie that was used on the wall appears to be the same Sharpie that wrote “BONE JAWZ 2017” on a mirror at the coffee shop across the street. Nobody seems to know what “BONE JAWZ” means, including Joey Java, the manager of the coffee shop.

After further expert analysis, we learned that the handwriting of “BONE JAWZ 2017” matches the handwriting from a note written on the inside front cover of a copy of “The Hardy Boys: The Secret of the Caves” at the local library. Loanne Booker, the library’s manager, read the note to us from the Hardy Boys book: “We are all around you, but you’ll never find us! Stay away from the caves, though, because you definitely won’t find anything there.”

Investigators searched the caves and they definitely didn’t find anything there. They should have trusted the note. Always trust the note.

For now, the identity of dat data drizzler or drizzlers (The Sizzler Drizzlers?) remains unknown. If further information is discovered, you’ll either hear about it first here or on


We have developed a method for enjoying the artwork. Follow these instructions very closely for optimal results:

Newest Additions

Huh. Neat.
Huh. Neat.

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Click on a thumbnail for one of the artworks that looks interesting.
  3. Look at the artwork.
  4. Think to yourself “huh. neat.”
  5. Smile.
  6. On the right side of the page, click the thumbnail of another artwork.
  7. Look at the artwork.
  8. Think to yourself “neat. huh.”
  9. You have successfully enjoyed artwork. Turn off your computer.

NOTICE: These instructions are not guaranteed to be correct on a mobile device. Be careful. Don’t drop your phone.


Future plans include:

Dancing into the future.
Dancing into the future.

Thank you for keeping yourself informed and for enjoying art. You’re pretty neat. Huh.

Matt Carpenter Wasted Tons of Time


Hi! Nice to see you.

After making a couple changes to his website ( if you’re interested – you’ve probably never heard of it, but you should check it out! you know.. for the articles), Matt Carpenter made some graphical “headers” that hang out at¬†the top of the website.

Really sharp people might be able to find a header image up above the top headline of this page. We’ll¬†give you a few moments to find it. Every time you reload the page you’ll get a different one! Don’t get too excited, though.

After staring at his creations for a while, Matt was inspired to make them animated.

It turns out, though, that there can’t be a random rotation of animated gifs in the header. Poor Carpenter spent a lot of time making these things and they can’t even be used.

So, we figured that we’d post them up here so people could see them. Maybe this will cheer Matt up.

Carefully inspect these images:

These gifs weren’t meant to repeat over and over like this. As headers, Mr. Carpenter¬†had them just doing their animation once and then stopping. We set them to loop here so that you can see them well.

So, there’s really nothing that can be done with these things at this point.

Matt’s pretty upset that he wasted so much time, but we¬†know you’re proud of him. We sure are proud of him here at


How are you doing? Oh, really? That’s interesting. Anyway, we haven’t posted here for OVER A YEAR! That’s outrageous, we know, but it isn’t our fault! Matt revoked our posting privileges because he found out about some shady business from our past. He was no longer comfortable allowing us to post here.

He’s still not, but we were able to guess his password and now we can post again! We’re BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY!!

There is a lot of new digital artwork laying around on this hard drive that we’ll have to sift through and show you later, but for now, we just wanted you to see those header images animate like Lord Matt intended.

Oh! There’s also this circle thing that we’re considering a kind of “logo” for


You’ll notice this thing around the site where appropriate¬†(unless you’re incredibly stupid. oh god please don’t tell me you’re that horribly dim. oh no! oh no it can’t be! Oh, there, you see it now. Phew. Man, we¬†thought you were a complete idiot there for a moment). It’s in every animation above, actually.

Scroll back up and look at them again. We¬†bet you’ve got a favorite. Don’t tell anybody which one it is, though! It’s a private, sensitive subject for a lot of people. We don’t want Mr. Carpenter dividing the nation again. That was NOT productive.

You’re still reading this. Isn’t it wonderful? You’re one of Matt’s favorites, did you know that? He loves when you show up here to look at art and read. Don’t tell him we said that. Don’t tell him we said this either, but sometimes when he’s all alone he thinks about y–

OMG he’s waking up. We gotta go! Wait, two¬†more bonus images:




Face it; This is Pretty Cool


Hi! I’m posting to show you a¬†thing:

This is called "The LineFade Jump"
This is called “The LineFade Jump”

“Did you make this, Matt?”

Hell yeah I did! This is a very very simple introduction to a new concept I’m working with. Why don’t I tell you a story you don’t need to know? Lean forward and get interested!

It all started with this thing:

This one's called "Slash"
This one’s called “Slash”

I framed this one and when I put it on the wall, I tilted it 5 degrees so that the stripes, NOT the frame, were parallel to the ground/ceiling. I got really happy about this idea, and started wondering “Hey, MANNNN?! Why do we have to always hang our frames the same way?”

I started working on different ways to represent this idea. Most of them have been far too complicated, confused, and overwhelming, but some really nice things are coming out of this notion, including the above. Anyway, I just wanted to show this off, because I’m very pleased. OK, any second now, I’ll stop patting myself on the¬†back..

I’ll be showing many of these in the future at various venues, but first, I’ll have a new Trip Grid at the Wiznu Labs Gallery on Saturday, February 7th! It’s going to be a cool night ūüôā

Hey! I forgot to thank you for reading this.

Thank you for reading this.

Stay slimy, everybody!

Come See a Matt Carpenter Work Appearing at Wiznu Labs Gallery in Los Angeles on Feb 7th! Or Else!



Me! And around fifteen other artists (painters, photographers, and other various showoffs) who are all new to the Wiznu Labs Gallery!


An art event at Wiznu Labs Gallery. There will be snacks and a cash bar (beer, wine, spirits), art, and a bunch of creative and interesting people standing, sitting, laying, posing, posturing, cowering, yelling, questioning, talking, crying, giggling, and much, much more!! Bring $5 to support this new venue. Here’s the official Facebook Event Page.


Saturday, February 7th, 2015, from 7:00PM to 3:00AM

In case you’re planning on visiting virtually from Japan, that’ll be on Sunday, February 8th, 2015 from noon until 7:00PM


Wiznu Labs Gallery:   724 S. Spring St #703 in Los Angeles, Ca 90014 (Click for the map – it will open in a new tab, so don’t panic)


Why not? What are you, some kinda smartass?!


Well, you see, when a man and a woman love each other very very much, and have become very close, they uhh.. ask your mother.

I will have a piece on display and will be present all evening, so come on by!! It’ll be a good time! You never go OUT anymore, ya know? DO SOMETHING FUN! The view of downtown Los Angeles from the roof of this building is really worth the visit alone.

In other news, I’ve added a couple works to the New Additions section. We’ve got Sway-Z, a 5×7 very high-res image, and Gwoove, a 16×20 monster that turned out to be way more difficult than expected.

Sway-Z-5x7-lowresI can tell you’re screaming “Only two new things!? What the hell?!”

It’s OK. There’s a new concept that I’ve put a lot of work into and I’m afraid to show it until I can really own it and have several of them done. I’m still making things. Please don’t be so angry.

I’ll see you at Wiznu Labs Gallery on Feb 7th, right? RIGHT?! OK cool ūüôā

Until then, it’s now.

Yeah? Yeah!