Into the Night (Featuring too many links!)


Excuse me. Excuse me?! HEY! Hi, I got your attention now, I see, but this is probably annoying.

*ahem* yeah could you help me with something? Do you have a few moments?

Oh awesome thank you thank you! OK ok so.. Well.. I’ll try not to take up too much of your time.. or will I?

You see.. I’m an artist. I wa- What’s that? What kind of artist, you ask? Crap, I didn’t practice an answer for that..

I’m a digital abstract artist. I was hoping you might help me out.

I need to know something: do you like my Night series (LINK TO NIGHT SERIES)?

Night Glow

Don’t be scared, go ahead and take a look. Take your time, I’ve got some things to do while you browse the Night series.

You’re done already? You’re awesome! Hang on, let me wrap up a few things. I’ll be back in a few moments.

OK, I’m back. Wait, hold up, let me grab my notebook.

OK, I’m ba- wait, hang on, let me find a pen. I’ll be right back.

OK, I’m back. Hey, so did you take a look at the Night series? Did you? Hello?

I was looking to get some feedback on it. It’s artwork. I’m an artist. I made those. You were going to help me out, remember?

Oh, now you’re just going to ignore me? HELLO?! HELLO!!

Night Knot

Are you there? THERE you are, ha sorry, I got disconnected and didn’t even realize it.

Hey so you were able to take a look?

Ahh, yes. Excellent. What’d you think?

You like them?! Really! Ssssssshhhhhhhhit, yess!! What do you like about them?

Where’s my pen? Did you take my p- oh it’s right here. Can you tell me a few things you like about the Night series?

Awesome, thank you so much for your time. As a bonus for helping me out, I’m going to show you some of my New Night pieces.

Oh, you have to go? That’s cool, that’s cool, right hey thanks again, have a great day. You’re one of the good ones.

Hey, excuse me. HEY! EXCUSE ME! YOU! Hey you dropped your envelope! Hey, come back!!

Another Night Knot

Aww, damn, did you see that? That kind person who just helped me out with some feedback left their envelope here. Could you chase them down and hand it to them?

Oh. OH! Hey, it’s still you! I didn’t recognize you, sorry about that. Well hey, here’s your envelope. You dropped it in the trash can.

It’s trash? Oh, that makes sense, then. Sorry about that. You have to go? Oh right, I forgot, you’ve got to leave. That’s cool, right on, thanks, peace, see ya.

I’ll just keep these new ones to myself, I guess.

Night Lights

You’re still here? Oh, NOW you want to see them, huh? Well I thought you had to leave. You feel bad? You think I’m going to show them to you because you told me you feel bad? I’m not a charity case, buster! Go on! Get lost! Go pound a short cliff off a long walk on the beach! Hey hey woah WOAH WOOAHH there, calm down! Hey don’t TOUCH me!

Hey, stop that, there’s no need to get physical, BACK OFF, I’ve got really sharp fingernails right now. Take it easy, why are you being so aggressive now? I was just playin’.

Fine fine I’ll show you a couple of them.

Hey I’m going to leave. Lock the door on your way in, please. Thanks! See you next time. I hope 🙂

Clickity Clackity
Clickity Clackity