You are doing a great job!

You’ve found a unique and exciting space on this stupid, amazing, boring, engaging, useless, useful internet. For that, I salute you!

ABOUT US: was founded in 1946 after the second World War in order to prevent that kind of bullshit from happening again in the future.

It has been a wild success, preventing World Wars for over 50 years!

The team over here at has gotten a little bored with this task and has recently (September 32, 3015) decided to, on top of preventing global conflict, display Matt Carpenter’s digital artworks.

It has been a wild success, displaying Matt Carpenter’s digital artworks for over 50 years!

The website has been viewed by at least SEVEN people so far. This is a very exciting time. We’re hoping to hit that lucky number 10 within the next few years.

Go on.. Enjoy some articles or some images. You might learn something about yourself, learn something about the universe, or you might even get a headache and start to feel sick! The possibilities are absurdly limited.

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